welcome to ate's art

about me:

What goads me as an artist is the topic „TIME“ in combination with the beauty of words.


What do we do with TIME, where does it come from, where does it lead to? What means “TIME” to us and what means a word to us? Great philosophers and scientists worked on its exploration… My way in the argument as an artist with the topic TIME starts often with accidentally encounter of materials and moments, that catch my interest and lead at the exact point of TIME in combination of colour and shape to my very personal interpretation of TIME.


If one picks to pieces words, material and colours, one can discover – behind the obvious meaning – fascinating TIME-word-worlds.

My art is without sketches and free -like TIME is.


Meet me at my studio on every 1st sunday of the month from 11:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m. at the Kunst- und Atelierhaus, Hochstraße 76 in 58095 Hagen (Germany).

what else?

 ...taking part at the artbox.project at The Armory Art Weeks in New York City/USA in march 2018

... exhibition 8 1/2 Minuten at the Kunst- und Atelierhaus Hagen e.V. In Hagen (Germany) in november 2017

...exhibition "Zeiten(t)sprung(en)"  at the office of HDI-Generalvertretung Albert Depprich, Hagen (Germany) in june 2017


 ...exhibition at the  "KunstOFFEN" in Pepelow/Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Germany) in june 2017


 ...taking part at the artbox.project at Art|Basel in Basel/Switzerland in june 2017


 ... taking part at the artbox.project at  Art|Basel in Miami/USA in december 2016


 ... participating in the project "Planet Hagen" 2016 in cooperation with the cultural bureau of the city of Hagen (Germany)


 …exhibition  „Querschnitte“ at the Kunst- und Atelierhaus Hagen e.V. in Hagen (Germany) in march 2016


 ...since september 2015 artist at the Kunst- und Atelierhaus Hagen e.V.


 ... continuous exhibition at HDI-Generalvertretung Albert Depprich in Hagen (Germany)


 ... founding member of the artist network "Die Blauen Glöckner"


 ... autodidactic artist

whats said about me:

“Abstract tension in well tempered colour-key. Discreet, elegant, as same for the artist as for the beholder.”



“Search as the impulse for doing. Experiment as partial result to make the workflow visible. Tenacity and ambition in balanced curiosity.”



“Rough texture meets fine colour-key.”



“You love the details of the world  and  you bring them into your pictures.”



“Ate’s art often starts without sketches, widens into endless seeming application of colour and material. Sometimes leading to chaos in the brush, but to get clearness and relief at least.”



“The pictures – the process of work can be experienced in the works -  leave space for own reception and own trace.”